How to Get the Money to Post a Bail Bond

Although a bondsman makes it easier to post bond for a loved one who has been arrested, money is not always easy to come by when the amount needed is hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, you simply cannot fathom allowing your loved one to sit behind bars until their court date, which can sometimes take week or months to reach. How can you gather the necessary funds to post allegheny county jail bail bonds for a loved one?

Social Media

Post on social media alerting family and friends to the incarceration and ask for their hope. Most true family and friends will respond to this inquiry and chip in an amount they can comfortably afford to help with if they can.


allegheny county jail bail bonds

There are many types of loans available that can help you in the time of need, including if you need to post a bond. The title loan and payday loan are two popular loans that do not require credit checks, if you have problems. Bank loans are also available for this purpose.

Ask Friends/Family to Borrow the Money

If there are people whom you are close to that have the money, perhaps they can provide you with the funds to make the bail bonds with an agreement to repay the money. Make sure that you can repay the money before you borrow, however, because you do not want to cause any unnecessary conflict with the people closest in your life.

Remember that property bonds are offered by most bondsman, as well as financing options. Financing options for bonds are usually reserved for people who meet certain qualifications. Certainly the options listed here will help you collect the money that you need to get your loved one out of jail quickly.